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D. Capitated

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12/23/2017 [Dec. 23rd, 2017|03:49 pm]
D. Capitated
Still alive. Not missing a calendar year. Not now. Not maybe ever if we can hit the singularity.

Imagine that.

Posting on this thing for 50 or 60,000 years to no one.
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10/11/2016 [Oct. 11th, 2016|11:11 pm]
D. Capitated
As long as I am physically capable of updating once a year, I will continue to do so indefinitely until which point either this site is dead or I am. I see no reasons to change that policy. This in spite of there not being a single update from any "friended" LJ in my circle for this entire calendar year, and we are more than 3/4 of the way through. I still check about quarterly to see if there's a reply to anything I ever type out. No such voice has emerged from the void since 2013. I doubt one ever will again.

Why stand sentinel then over this pile of poorly appearing HTML rubble and broken links? I suppose I set myself up years ago to be the stubborn one who would "be here when everyone else was gone." What smug self satisfaction does that leads to if you're the individual turning the lights off for the last time and no one else even notices? How petty. I suppose I can never pretend I am something other than that.

I look forward to Spatch's Thanksgiving Day post now as his only light into this dark nothingness. At least then, for a few moments, will my LJ look and feel as it once did, anew with content and well wishes.
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12/23/2015 [Dec. 23rd, 2015|11:22 am]
D. Capitated
Over 4 years ago, I asked somewhat rhetorically, "Livejournal and Myspace both got fucked, didn't they? Just wondering when Facebook ends up that way too." The answer is "some point in the last 2 years." It was bad. It gets progressively worse. How much of that is the medium vs. the people, I don't know. Twitter can be bad, but the limitation on characters makes it more like a chat room, which I appreciate. I too will grow tired of it and then perhaps I'll move to whatever becomes hot. Maybe I'll get a Tumblr and post poetry. Of what, I'm not sure. I don't even write poetry. I'm not sure where I'd start.

Posting annually on LJ is the very definition of yelling into the void. There is only the faintest potential for echo. And yet, I do it. I find it life affirming on some level. It also resembles, to me, something approximating an act of defiance. The absurdity of this is not lost on me. Yes, I am still "here," but only in a phantom fashion, reanimating this account ever so briefly before returning to the "real world"; my wife, my friends, my family, my cats, my possessions, etc. You, the individual reading this, have done the same but with fewer thoughts back to this and whatever stage of your life coincided with your posting here. Maybe you've progressed. Maybe you're regressing. Maybe spiritual and psychological fulfillment isn't linear.

One of the better twitter accounts I read suggests to be nice to everyone, and reminds me that we will all die alone and scared. I'm working on that.
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12/18/14 [Dec. 18th, 2014|08:27 pm]
D. Capitated
I hadn't been to a metal show in probably 5+ years when I saw Carcass play in Grand Rapids, MI in November (the 11th, specifically). In my younger days, going to metal shows was a frequent and regular occurrence. I went with friends like my buddy Kyle to venues both rooted in the past and present. I'll send this along to my buddy Will, a guy I met through the internet's channels for this kind of music some 15+ years ago. There's a lot of ticket stubs, t-shirts, CDs, promos, cassettes, the whole business, most of it sitting collecting dust in the basement of my home. While I knew that being a "heavy metal fan" wasn't something I personally identified as or sought to make a core part of my personality, it was always a latent thing sitting back there in the recesses of my mind. But I had a night shift job, and then I was driving a beater I didn't want to take everywhere because it wasn't very good, and then I just wasn't caring if I went to shows. Read more...Collapse )
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7/23/2013 [Jul. 23rd, 2013|11:23 pm]
D. Capitated
Still alive.

Your update:

-Still caking at MSU. Professionally, look, everyone could do better and one day maybe I'll look back and go "why didn't you try harder?" Right now, things have turned out pretty well on that end.

-Still married. Still love my wife. Best wife in the world.

-I log in a couple times a year to read people's posts, because on the rare occasion people listed on my friends list post, they're usually protected. Which is, you know, whatever. I do this so often, I'm like "wow that person posted 2 years ago! That's recent!" There's a point to this. No, really. See, I look at these profiles, and so many of them are full of non-fulfillment. People who occasionally spring back and go, "man, I'm still working on a voice for myself."
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6/26/2012 [Jun. 26th, 2012|09:27 am]
D. Capitated
Yearly update: Still alive, still married, still employed by Sparty. If I write things, they're on a wordpress blog. See also http://realtalkguidetoawesome.wordpress.com and enjoy. Its all about travelling, and nothing else.
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8/13/2011 [Aug. 13th, 2011|10:36 am]
D. Capitated
Your yearly August update (in case anyone stumbles across this):

-I am alive.

-I am presently employed. My pay has only increased.

-I am still married.

-I still live in the same house.

-I am still all about guap. Matter of fact, I have a rack of NZ dollars on the bookshelf right now waiting to get used in a couple weeks.

-Still got like 500 TV channels.

-I have a blog for trip reports: realtalkguidetoawesome.wordpress.com. It isn't officially "open" and won't be for a couple months until I get a bunch of stuff finished with it. When it is open, it may end up being a .com or something.

-I can still be found posting at newsgroups such as rec.roller-coaster and rec.travel.cruises as well as websites like www.nobsboxing.com. And I post at other places that I basically troll and won't name in case someone gets good at googling.

-Livejournal and Myspace both got fucked, didn't they? Just wondering when Facebook ends up that way too.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2010|01:31 am]
D. Capitated
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2009|08:20 am]
D. Capitated

One week. 2 days. Then at least I'll be on the plane. I half expect to end up staying there.
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6/19/09 [Jun. 19th, 2009|04:09 pm]
D. Capitated

As far as I'm concerned, I am the professional version of Rasputin: Shot, stabbed, clubbed, and yet still going. It seems like someone will need to bind me and drown me to get rid of me at this point.
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